Take advantage of low prices on solar panels and beat the power company at their own game. Altech Electric has partnered with Solar Utilities Inc., to provide you with great solar powered options for your home.

If you have looked into solar power in the past but decided that it was not for you, it’s time to look again. In the last few years, costs for manufacturing the photo-voltaic wafers that make up solar panels have dropped dramatically, getting to the point where installing a solar system is now less expensive over the life of the system than continuing to pay the power company. Purchasing a solar system is no longer just a way to help the environment or reduce your dependence on the power grid, now it’s also a way to save money.

Altech Electric decided to open our solar division with the goal of bringing our 20+ years of experience in electrical construction and service to everyone. We do the system design, permitting, installation, and interconnection with the power company. Altech Electric has partnered with Solar Utilities, Inc. Their representatives will guide you through the purchase process to show which of our systems is right for you and options for financing.

What about Night?
During the day, you may generate more power than you need. That extra power is sent to the power company’s grid, where you are credited for the power you send, which goes toward the power you use at night, when the solar panels aren’t generating power from the sun.

How do I pay for it?
We recommend using one of our financial partners (Dividend Finance, GreenSky, LoanPal, Sunlight Financial, or Ygrene) that specialize in solar to finance your system. You can also finance the system yourself, or pay outright.

Buying a solar system is a big step, how do I know Altech will do it right?
Altech Electric has over 20+ years experience doing electrical work for large corporations, hospitals, and smaller operations like your home. Check out the rest of our website to see the projects we have handled. In addition to our reputation, we would not be able to partner with our select financial partners if we did not do quality work. They regularly audit our projects to ensure we hold high standards. All of our work gets permitted and inspected by multiple agencies. We also have over 50 five star reviews on Google.

To learn more about getting a solar system for your home contact 1-727-318-1370. Or email us at